The initiative of MDO Humo and the Climadapt project on increasing the knowledge of dekhkan farms and entrepreneurs in the agriculture  sector before the agricultural season.

Together with a team of experts of the Сlimadapt project  MDO “HUMO” organized a number of activities to increase the knowledge of dehkan farms and entrepreneurs in Districts of Republic Subordination for drip irrigation and irrigation methods.

An experienced drip irrigation specialist was involved from the Sughd region and conducted trainings on the benefits and methods of irrigation with drip irrigation, in which water is delivered directly to the root zone of cultivated plants in adjustable small portions with the help of dispensers-droppers.

Also experts and agronomists of HUMO and the Climadapt project shared  how this technology allows to obtain significant savings in water and other resources (fertilizers, labor costs, energy and pipelines). The trainings were held on 15th of February in Kurgantyube and on 16th of February  in Dangara. More than 35 participants learned about the benefits of this technology and how to obtain preferential financing through the EBRD project Climadapt  from  MDO HUMO for the acquisition of this technology. Interested participants also received information on potential suppliers of drip irrigation technology in the country.

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