MDO IMON INTERNATIONAL promotes the re-training and exchange of experience of farmers

It is known that, for farmers, winter is an opportunity to analyze their own activity, to learn and exchange of experience, as well as to prepare for the spring sowing campaign.

In this regard, MDO IMON INTERNATIONAL holds various events and training seminars in cities and regions, whose population mostly engaged in agriculture.

One of such teaching-consultative seminars was conducted in Jabbor Rasulov district, with participation of 18 farmers, specialists and experts of the agrarian sector. The seminar was initiated by the organization itself.

At the course of the seminar, trainer Egamzarar Yusupov informed the participants about proper methods of growing the tomatoes and modern experience of struggle with pests. According to the specialists, due to the lack of necessary experience among number of dehkan farms and untimely use of chemicals in the current year, the big part of the crop of tomatoes subjected to rotting and farmers suffered serious losses.

Also, during the seminar, inventor Abdumannon Asrorov presented the solution Faras, which was invented by him. Participants of the seminar exchanged views and suggestions on ways and methods of using the new solution.

Manager on cooperation with financial organizations Climadapt Shuhrat Komilov also spoke at the seminar and informed the participants about the goal and objectives of the project. The event was held within this project.


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