IMON INTERNATIONAL holds "Green week" in the social institutions of the country

Throughout its activities, IMON INTERNATIONAL has always been and remains a socially-oriented organization supporting social projects and innovative solutions. With the beginning of spring, IMON INTERNATIONAL has initiated a social and environmental campaign called "Green Week". The purpose of the campaign is to draw public attention to the problems of socially vulnerable segments of the population, as well as to attract public attention to the problems of rational use of natural resources. For this purpose, on March 4 of this year, the staff of Isfara branch and representatives of the Head Office of IMON INTERNATIONAL established an intensive apple orchard, in a boarding school for weak sighted children in the city of Isfara. 40 seedlings of the high-yielding variety of apples "Almaty" on the rootstock of the M9 dwarf type were planted on the territory of the subsidiary farm of the boarding school. This variety of apple trees begins to bear fruit already from the first year of planting, and from the third year, they already reach full yielding capacity, 30 kg of apples from each tree. It should be emphasized that the irrigation of the seedlings in the new garden will be carried out using the drip irrigation system, which was installed by the expert on innovative agricultural technologies Umed Sharipov, who is the consultant of the CLIMADAPT project.

The Director of the boarding school hopes to receive more than one ton of the crop annually, providing children with fresh fruits and preserving for the winter. It should also be noted that in addition to its main purpose, the new garden will become a kind of demonstration site, demonstrating the real application of modern methods of gardening and watering for the population and dehkans of the city of Isfara.

Similar activities in the framework of the "Green Week" are held by employees of other branches of IMON INTERNATIONAL in social institutions throughout the country.

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